My Resume

I am a proactive and experienced storyteller, with extended expertise in both copywriting and visual content creation for advertising and communication purposes. My solutions are clean, elegant and effective, because I focus on delivering quality, scalable results on time. My outgoing personality definitely makes me easy to work with and a true team player.

Areas of expertise

·         Copywriting

·         Community management


·         SEO

·         AdWords optimization


·         Web design

·         Video editing

·         Content marketing

·         Photo editing/manipulation

Selected achievements

The highlights of my career so far


I write specialized content for both B2B and B2C assets, I have a proactive role in the overall marketing strategy of IBM brands and I coordinate with the first internal copywriting department of MSC EMEA.

PrimeNet Solution

I was in charge of content strategy, creation and management for a web of portals and blogs used for local and regional SEO purposes, with an overall increase in visits of over 3000% and a bounce rate as low as 25%.

SEO Factory

I created a strong brand identity and I represented the voice of the company as it transitioned from a small, online business with just two clients to an influential, globally developed digital agency, with a vast portfolio.

Etno TV

I coordinated the production team for a New Year’s show. The show reached the highest rating that the company has ever achieved, and was also the third most watched show in Romania.

Technical skills

Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Audition), Corel suite (Draw, PhotoPaint), Final Cut Pro, WordPress, Joomla!, Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook Business Manager.

Professional experience

Here you can find extra information about my work so far

Copywriter & Visual Content Creator

2009 - present

@ Freelancer

From text to image, everything I create is innovative, original and entirely focused on performance and efficacy. I work with clients from all fields, from technology, medicine and engineering to bloggers. Being a freelancer requires people skills and being an excellent communicator, but it also means that I have to be very good at what I do for people to want to continue to work with me.



2017 - present


As a copywriter in a corporate environment, I work with clients from around the globe. I write specialized content for both B2B and B2C assets and I have a proactive role in the overall marketing strategy of IBM brands. I evaluate existing and aspiring content while addressing creative quandaries and I contribute to the development of guidelines for other content creators worldwide.



2012 - 2015

@ PrimeNet Solution

During the time I spent here I wrote original texts for catalogs, brochures, billboards, websites, emails and scripts for music videos and advertisements for the television. I was also responsible with both online and offline communication campaigns for the company.


Senior copywriter

2015 - 2017

@ SEO Factory

As a senior copywriter in a digital marketing agency, I identify the needs of clients we work with and I generate original and memorable texts that help them promote or advertise their goods and services. I am also in charge of internal communication within the agency and I coordinate and implement all our external communication campaigns, both online and offline.



2008 - present

@ Horeca Romania

Horeca Romania is a monthly magazine that is being distributed free of charge in hotels and restaurants across Romania. Its target audience are management staff and businessmen interested in investing in this industry, and the articles I write here vary from interviews with local chefs or popular food bloggers, news from the hospitality business, trends in design and technology etc.


Prior experience

  1. Agro TV, Producer
  2. Etno TV, Production Coordinator


  1. Brava TV, Reporter
  2. Realitatea TV, Reporter

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Some details about my education and training


Bachelor's Degree

2006 - 2010

University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences

I studied Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Consumer Psychology and New Media Marketing as part of my curriculum. I graduated in the top 10% of my class.

Multimedia and Audio-Video Production

Ongoing Master's Degree

60 credits

University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences

I chose this education program because I felt that it would help me develop new skills and abilities and that I might learn new and interesting things about developing medias. I have currently completed 60 credits in this program.


Native speaker, excellent proficiency


Level C2 for understanding, speaking and writing


Level C1 for understanding, speaking and writing


Level B1 for speaking and understanding and level A2 for writing

Other skills

I know how to do lots of stuff and I can use a bunch of useful tools

I have a good knowledge of persuasion and manipulation techniques and a powerful insight on consumer psychology and behavior.

I am familiar with the Romanian media environment and with local digital influencers. 

I've completed a project management course that helps me to better organize my time and my team.

I have a design thinking certificate and a training certificate that allows me to lead continuing education sessions. 

I like to draw and I enjoy DIY projects that require art skills.

I am a published teen author of both poetry and prose books.


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